Meeting Minutes March 15 2017

Abington Bulldogs

Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2017

Board members present: Coach Sean Bennett (President), Brad Kibbler (Treasurer), Coach Bill Rose (VP)

Members Present: 17

Meeting opened at 7:08 pm with Treasurers Report.

Treasurers Report:

  • Coach Bill has been transitioning the job over to Brad who has taken over as Treasurer
  • Current balance was discussed/Still have to pay for home meets (3)
    • Breakdown of costs = average cost of $1000/home meet
  • Discussed upcoming costs/expenses for equipment
    • End of season party (details below)
    • Need ALL singlets returned! Large cost for league to replace
      • Lead to discussion of how to ensure singlet returns: deposit?, send a bill?
  • Reminder – We are non-profit! $ must stay under x amount

Discussion on Home Meets- parent/coach input:

  • Concessions don’t profit
    • Lead to discussion of how to raise money : get food donated, charge businesses $ to hang banners
  • Price of ref is high $135/ref
  • Lots of work for coaches-need lots of parent involvement

Evaluation of Overall Year:

  • “Best year yet since Coach Bill and Coach Sean took over 5 years ago!” –Coach Bill
  • ICWL Novice: 5 Bulldogs Placed!
  • PJW: Jake Rose placed for Abington Jr. High
  • Open Championships: 5 Bulldogs placed! /Parent volunteers are needed for mats & tables each year for this tournament.
  • Congrats to Jake Rose (Coach Bill’s son) for 2:2 at states!

Participation/Volunteer Appreciation:

  • Thank you:
    • Coaches for amazing dedication to our children
    • Parents for great job stepping up this year to volunteer and help things run smoothly (tables, mats, food sales, set up, take down)
    • High schoolers who come down to volunteer time to work with the kids during practice

League Board Positions Available: (need to be filled for 2017-2018 Wrestling Season)*

  • President – Coach Sean Bennett
  • VP –
  • Secretary – Priscilla Patterson (voted in at meeting)
  • Treasurer- Brad
  • League Rep –
  • Snack Bar Coordinator –
  • IT/Website & Match updates – Louis Wing
  • Pairing Coordinators – Bulldogs Coaches (must be coaches)
  • *Please consider a role on the board to relieve coaches from duties that should be responsibility of parents. All positions should be taken seriously and we are expected to work together- Commitment & Communication!!End of Season Bulldogs Party:
    • Budget for party voted on: $1000
    • Coordinator: Priscilla Patterson
    • Location and date voted on: Avelthorpe Park on Sunday, April 30th (All agreed party should be held before spring sports season is in full swing)**
    • Cookout-burgers and hotdogs/bring bikes, balls, family, games, etc.…

    Update on Award in memory of Debbie Mccaughey being developed by Coach Bill:

    • Award to be titled “The Paw Print Award”
    • Award to be given annually to a Bulldogs wrestler who demonstrates the following:

    -Passionate about wrestling

    -Shows outstanding self-improvement through the year as well as seeks to improve/encourage teammates.

    • Wrestler will be selected by coaches.

    Meeting closed with message from board: “If you want your wrestler to improve- Keep them on the mats!” See Coaches for off season wrestling clubs and camps (Germantown Mavericks, Apache, etc…)



    Meeting adjourned at 8:32 pm

    Minutes respectfully submitted by

    Priscilla Patterson

    Bulldogs Secretary

    **Please note: after meeting the party date was changed to Sunday, April 23rd due to scheduling conflict with Avelthorpe Park